Best Home Bar Carts for 2022

From dining room to living room, the best choices for serving in fashion

If life during a pandemic has taught us anything, it is the necessity of adaptation. We would love to be galavanting care-free from chic bar to chic bar, surrounded by friends and smiling strangers. But for many of us, this is still too risky.

A return to hosting

This period has forced us to re-learn (or refine) how to entertain at home. Part of that revelation has been practical; namely, where do you put all you need to whip up bar-quality cocktails at home?

It could be in the pantry, next to the flour; or you could be displaying your liquor and bar-kit on a stylish and sensible bar cart.

What is the point of a bar cart?

The point of a bar cart is to simplify and elevate your drinking experience by dedicating a piece of beautiful furniture to the activity.

Keep all the bottles and tools in the same place. And with the wheels and handles most bar carts come equipped with, that place can easily be anywhere in your home.

What should you have on a bar cart?

What you have on your cart depends on what you like to drink! There is a wide range of interest in cocktails. Some like it simple and prefer a gin and tonic. Others possess palettes that seemingly never rest and are always trying new recipes and combinations of liquors, liqueurs, bitters, etc.

Think about yourself and those you hope to host at your next party. What do they like? How much variety will satisfy your crowd? Perhaps there are some that don't want the alcohol but still enjoy the taste of a cocktail. These days, there are options for everyone.

Tools of the trade

Another important point - what bar-kit tools do you need to craft these delicious elixirs? Just a shaker? Or do you need a muddler, a peeler, and two different strainers? Everyone's kit will look a little different.

Glasses for the masses

A pillar of bar cart etiquette is keeping your glassware - wine glasses, tumblers, highballs - right there on display.

How do you use a bar cart without alcohol?

This question can be answered two-fold.

Some enjoy the taste of cocktails but don't want to consume alcohol. For them, there are now many products on the market catering to this need, and their bar carts could be stocked in the same manner as anyone else's.

Others may love the style of bar carts, so much so they disregard the original purpose for more decorative or even practical uses.

At Modern Bar Room, we understand that the concept of bar culture is constantly changing. Want to use your bar cart for flowers, books, and a record player? Sounds fabulous.

When did bar carts become popular?

Bar carts first became popular in the mid-Twentieth Century, when new heights of luxury graced the American office and home.

While we've mostly phased out the sort of casual drinking that brought martinis and whiskey to the lunch break, the sophisticated design and emphasis on convenience are here to stay.

The mid-century bar cart style

Those original styles took motifs from Art-Deco and rendered them through minimal mid-century modern style.

It's no surprise the style has stuck around. Combining luxurious minimalism with metal and glass detailing has produced some truly classy bar carts.

How do I choose a bar cart?

Choose your bar cart based on your needs. Will it live in the dining room, well-stocked to support a dinner party to its closure? The best bar cart will meld seamlessly with your existing decor.

Or perhaps you need an outdoor bar cart to reside on the patio, sturdy and covered to endure the elements.

Maybe, without a liquor cabinet, you need living room storage, something that can roll from the window to the couch, or anywhere need be.

How big should a bar cart be?

As big as you need. Most bar carts are very space-efficient, but there are certainly larger models.


For a slender cart, check out the Vries Serving Cart, with a vertical cylindrical design that can tuck into any corner.


Need more space to store your beautiful bottles? The Cyrus Serving Cart features ample glass shelves to house drinks and glassware

How do you style a bar?

The style of your home bar will reflect the idiosyncrasies of your tastes and habits. Take pride in the unique look and feel of your personal set-up, and keep trying new things.

A common style will have your bottles arranged on the bottom shelf, while your tools and glasses may live up top, where they won't collect so much dust.

Our comprehensive collection at Modern Bar Room has a cart for every person and every purpose. And with wide price options and free standard shipping, there's never been a better time to elevate your home bar experience.