Everything You Need to Know About Wine Racks

An appreciation for fine wines can be a rewarding companion throughout one's life. With an entire globe of variety and endless space for debate, refining your taste can be one of life's unique pleasures.

But merely possessing wine is not enough. A personal wine collection ought to be displayed in a manner befitting the fine grapes collected therein.

Enter the wine rack. A good rack keeps your bottles organized - for presentation and easy selection.

Preservation factor

It also preserves your bottles from the elements, maintaining proper temperature and bottle angle (storing your bottles vertically allows the corks to dry; a big problem for long-term storage).

This blog will elucidate the qualities of good wine racks, their differences, and where you can start your search.

What are the best wine racks?

The best wine rack is the one tailored to your collection. Wine rack kits also come with glass storage and a space for your wine key and re-corker, allowing you to hold everything you need to enjoy your wine in the same place.

For the avid and dedicated collector, you'll need a large and accommodating wine rack, something that can hold many bottles and allow you to organize them.


This sophisticated Hanzi Wine Cabinet by ACME furniture has ample, sturdy storage for your wine and everything you need to enjoy it. Rendered in a beautiful oak finish, its style is extremely versatile, so you can enjoy your wine collection floor-to-ceiling.

Perfect for a wine cellar, the Hanzi represents the maximum in chic wine storage.
Concise solutions

Perhaps you don't need all the storage of the Hanzi, or simply don't have the living space. Don't fear -


The Phoyt Floating Bar Table gives you storage for several bottles and wonderful space for preparing your glasses.

Better yet, it's wall-mounted, saving space and achieving an elegant look. Its sleek design
In miniature

Wall space taken? All you need for a great space-saving wine rack is a bit of counter.


The Sacha 8-bottle Wine Rack is perfect for the space-conscious wine enthusiast. Store up to eight bottles while taking up minimal room. Quality details include wine glass racks and finishes you can customize.

Are wood or metal wine racks better?

This is a matter of personal preference, determined by the style of your house.

A matter of feelings

Different customers will prefer wood or metal - do you want to create a rustic, warm feeling? Or should your display proclaim minimalism and efficiency?

There are as many styles of cellars as there are cellar-owners, and over time your personal stock will feel as intimate as your fingerprint.

Interior considerations

Evaluate your existing decor. Do you want to play into the existing theme (sleek and metal, refined and wooden, etc.), or perhaps make your wine racks an interesting counterpoint?

Where is the best place to put a wine rack?

This will depend, of course, on the nature of your space.

If you have a wine cellar, it's no secret where the rack belongs. But if you, like most of us, are using limited space to its fullest potential, wine rack placement can be a puzzling question.

Guiding query

Ask yourself: where do I like to drink my wine? Placing your rack in a common or living space can achieve both convenience - your bottles and glasses within reach when entertaining - and the chic presentation of your collection. A great conversation starter!

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